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Pre-Modded Accounts for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Get GTA 5 modded accounts with affordable prices for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. These accounts are pre-modded, so you don't have to compromise your current GTA Online account to get high RP rank, more money, max stats and all unlocks - Just login and enjoy!


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Modded GTA 5 Account for PC

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Modded GTA 5 Account for PlayStation 4

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Modded GTA 5 Account for Xbox One

Pre-made GTA 5 modded accounts comes with a copy of Grand Theft Auto V, and a fully modded GTA online account. This means you don't need to own Grand Theft Auto V - Just purchase a pre-modded account from us and start playing immediately!



We all know how tiring it can be to try and get to RP 120. Getting one of our modded GTA 5 accounts eliminates the problem, since you can choose any RP level between 0 and 200+, it's up to you how crazy you want to get!


How nice would it be to have 500 million in GTA Online? Well, now you can, since our pre-modded accounts always comes with obscene amounts of money in the bank! Bathing in a mountain of cash is no longer a fantasy.


All pre-modded accounts we offer comes with "all unlocks", this means everything in GTA 5 is unlocked - Bunkers, clothing, cars, weapons and tints. No more hours of boring missions just to unlock an AK47 tint, it's already unlocked!


Sick of driving around for ages just to get your driving skills up? Spent hours in the gun range? We know the feel! Our modded GTA 5 accounts now come with max stats so you don't need to grind for hours to push your stats up.

Why Pre-Modded Accounts?

Pre-modded GTA 5 online accounts for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC are more popular than our account boost service. The reason is because people are having a hard time letting unknown people accessing their accounts (which is understandable). With pre-made accounts you simply get log-in details to a fully modded account that includes a copy of Grand Theft Auto V is also included, so you don't need to purchase it.

Get a pre-made modded account if:

  • You do not own Grand Theft Auto V yet. If you already own the game, you can opt for the account boosting service for existing accounts.
  • Your current account is banned or you're worried about getting banned.
  • You wish to have two accounts (one legit and one modded)

If you have any above-mentioned concerns then you should consider buying pre-made modded GTA 5 accounts to enjoy the game without issue, hassle and bans.

Now that you are well aware of modded accounts and how you can easily make the most from it, what are waiting for? Buy a modded GTA Online account today!