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Need some quick cash? Buy GTA 5 online money drops from $100,000 to several million. With Grand Theft Auto V Online services you can get the best, fastest and lowest priced GTA money mods online in 2018. GTA 5 Money drops are available on Steam/Social Club (PC) and PS4. We have not found any legit Xbox One sellers yet, only scams.

Get GTA 5 Online Money Drops (PC & PS4)

GTA 5 Money Drops for PC

PC Money drops start from $20 for 100m and upwards depending on the modder (We suggest SavagE_Duck for PC mods, see our top 3 list). PC money drops are lot cheaper than PS4 since it's a lot easier to mod.

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GTA 5 Money Mod for PS4

PS4 money usually start from $1m and upwards since PlayStation 4 is a lot tricker to mod. We recommend ThinkTwice for PS4 mods. PS4 money drops cost more since it takes a lot more time to mod and such.

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What's A Money Drop in GTA Online?

Buy gta 5 online money drops

As all GTA: Online players know, money can be hard to come by and very time consuming to earn. Buying money drops for GTA online gets you a quick boost and head start for a cheap price tag.

Modders can also mod RP ranks, unlocks and other, but if you're only after cash then a money drop is for you. Read through our FAQ for more information to stay safe from scammers.

If you're worried about getting your account banned (which only happens in extremely rare cases) you can always get a pre-modded account instead, that way you have both legit and a modded GTA 5 account. Get money drops now!