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Looking for pre-made GTA 5 modded accounts or modding services for Steam/Social Club on PC? There are many modding services out there in 2018, so we have reviewed the TOP 3 best and most reliable modders in the GTA 5 Online community 2018.

Check out the TOP 3 modders for GTA Online below:

TOP 3 GTA Online Modders 2018

SavagE_Duck (PC Mods)

Best GTA Modder in 2018

SavagE_Duck is awesome - He was the fastest, most affordable PC modder available. Definitely recommended. The mod shop has pre-made accounts, modding services and money drops for pc.

Delivery: 10/10
Mod Service: 10/10
Customer Support: 10/10
Total Score: 10/10

ThinkTwice (PS4 Mods)

Best GTA Modder in 2018

Ricochetty is by no doubt, the best GTA modder on PS4. He uses private methods that work really well. Most PS4 modders scam, be aware. This PS4 mod shop has pre-made accounts, and money drops for PS4.

Delivery: 9.5/10
Mod Service: 10/10
Customer Support: 10/10
Total Score: 9.7/10

YungBean Modz (PC Mods)


YoungBean has stopped modding. Anyone modding under his username is scammers - Get mod services from the other 2 instead.


Delivery: x/x
Mod Service: x/x
Customer Support: x/x
Total Score: x/x

great gta:o service

5 5 1
great service, unlocked everything, gave me rp rank and money. what else do you need

Fast mod service

5 5 1
Modded my Social Club account with $700,000,000 and 800 RP rank. Smooth and fast service, recommended!


5 5 1
I got a pre modded GTA 5 account and it all got delivered, even got screenshots of the modding service! 5/5

playstation 4 gta 5
gta 5 xbox one x

Pre-Modded GTA Online Accounts for Sale

No matter if you play Grand Theft Auto V on Steam or Social Club, there's a service for you. Some modders have pre-made GTA V modded accounts for PC (Steam/Social Club available, or they can also mod your existing account and provide cash drops and all unlocks. With modding services you will bid farewell to your days of struggling to get a high rank in GTA 5 Online.

Most modding packages comes with features like ranks, unlocks, cash, armors, weapons, clothes, gun upgrades and so much more. These modifications are superb, setting you in motion to get the best experience in Grand Theft Auto V Online.

Get GTA Online Money Drops Up To $2 Billion

Money can be hard to aquire in GTA 5: Online, but fear not - Modders have just the thing for you. Almost all modders offer money drops in GTA online, from $100,000 up to billions. You choose where you want them to drop it, and they'll do the rest.

What's Grand Theft Auto V Online?

grand theft auto online

Grand Theft Auto V is a huge open world online multiplayer video game that outshines other games in the genre by far. In 2018 Grand Theft Auto V became the highest grossing media title ever. This isn't surprising considering thousands of players love, play and are addicted to GTA V.

Rockstar Games put in their best to present an intriguing session of criminals on rampage ready to go to any extent in order to accomplish set target (heists). You can choose to do whatever you want, but most people link up with other players and do heist missions.

With heists and constant action you won't be bored, ever, when playing GTA 5 Online.

Grand Theft Auto offers several DLCs to further extended the gameplay. The below list is the biggest and most popular DLCs released to-date.

  • GTA Online: Transform Races 
  • GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist 
  • GTA Online: Smuggler's Run 
  • GTA Online: Gunrunning

Now that you know a bit more what Grand Theft Auto Online is about, head over to our mod shop and get a modded GTA V account ASAP! You could be robbing banks in GTA Online heists as we speak.