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Get high RP, max stats, money & all unlocks

Buy GTA 5 mods from the most trusted mod provider in 2018 - We offer GTA 5 Online mod services such as modded accounts, money drops and recovery boosts to get all unlocks, cash, maximum stats and high RP ranks. Browse our available mods for PS4, Xbox One and PC below.

Pre-Made Accounts

Buy pre-made modded GTA 5 accounts available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. These pre-modded accounts come with a copy of Grand Theft Auto V with high RP, millions in cash, max stats and all unlocks. Are you ready to take over?

Boost & Recovery Service

Want to mod your current PS4, Xbox One or PC online account instead of getting a pre-made account? We have GTA 5 account boosts available to increase your rank, stats and money as well as all unlocks on your existing GTA 5 account.

Money/Cash Drops

Only need a boost in your bank account? Get your bank account stacked up with our money drops for GTA 5 Online, available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. We offer cash bundles from $10 million up to as much as $2 billion!

Why We're The #1 Trusted Modders in 2018


Customer support is a very important part of any business, and that includes GTA 5 mod shops. We offer around the clock email and customer chat support, everyday of the week - Feel free to drop us a message.


Yes, that's right! We have a lot of happy customers, and we hope you'll be one of them. If you ever decide to purchase something from us, then we encourage you to leave a review - We're certain it will be positive.


"Can't touch me" - We have zero bans so far, and we will keep it that way. Our modding techniques and methods are constantly evolving. With us you can stay 100% safe from ban waves and anti-cheats.


Most GTA 5 modders out there only offer services for PC - But we're different! We can mod GTA 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (both Steam and Social Club accounts are accepted).


Our modding services have a very fast turn-around time and our accounts are instantly delivered via email - Now that's a fast service! You can read more about delivery time in our FAQ.


We are proud to say that we often get comments and feedback from customers saying we're the friendliest customer support they've ever come across. Hopefully you'll agree!

Are These Mods Legit?

Yes, of course our mods are legit! We realize there are bad GTA 5 modders out there, the gaming community isn't exactly famous for it's great and honest marketplaces. With that said, we're different. Feel free to read testimonials and reviews from previous customers, or check out our proof-page for account mod screenshots.


The BEST CUSTOMER SUPPORT EVER, PERIOD! They even gave me extra money on my bank account just because they took 7 minutes longer than they expected. Awesome and recommended for gta 5 modding!

- Jind0Z


I wasn't sure if this was real and when I gave away my acc info I was worried. 15 minutes later it was all done, and I changed my password back. This is the best thing I've ever put my money on, I love you guys! 

- MGKGunnah


I got mods for my account almost 4 months ago now on 3 occasions and I'm still not banned. GTA V Mods know what they're doing that's for sure! 5/5

- fUZ10N