GTA 5 Account Boost Service

Boost Modding Service for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Boost your GTA 5 account with our modding/recovery services available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Get millions in your account, higher RP levels, maximum stats and all unlocks for an affordable price.

Our Account Modding Services:

PC Account Boost

GTA 5 Account Boost for PC

PS4 Account Boost

GTA 5 Account Boost for PlayStation 4

Xbox One Account Boost

GTA 5 Account Boost for Xbox One

Modding/boost/recovery services require an existing Grand Theft Auto 5 account with a copy of GTA V owned on it, for it to work. We also offer pre-made modded accounts if you don't want to share your current one.

What You Get


Get higher RP rank in GTA Online with our account boosting. We all know how tiring it can be to grind your level up, this eliminates the problem with our instant ranking.


Who doesn't want to have 100 million+ on their bank account in GTA Online? We can boost your characters bank account with up to $1.5 billion in-game!


Unlock bunkers, clothing, weapons, cars, mods and tints! No more grind for hours just to get that car upgrade - Let us unlock it with our GTA 5 recovery service.


Got down and dirty? We know how it can be. Let us clear your bad reports with our GTA 5 modding service. 100% safe, and you'll feel cleaner afterwards.

How Account Boost Modding Works

GTA 5 account boost/modding is actually pretty straight forward. We access your account and add money, unlock everything and boost your RP rank. The whole process takes no longer than 30 minutes.

If you're worried about us accessing your account (which is totally understandable), you may want to go for a pre-modded GTA 5 accounts instead. That way, you can have one legit and one modded account.