Top 10 GTA 5 Mods (Story Mode)

GTA 5 top 10 mods

Grand Theft Auto V has a great story and fun gameplay, but after years with the same gameplay, it ban get a bit drab. Therefore, ‘mods’ are here to add extra fun, frolic, excitement, and thrilling gameplay. Mods such as ‘breathing dragon’, ‘marvelous Iron man’ etc are out there in the gaming market. In this blog post we are going to list the top 10 GTA 5 Mods to fuel your gaming thirst.

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1. Tsunami Mod

Tsunami Mod is one of the best mods for GTA 5, wherein the mod leaves you experiencing the real Tsunami effect. It will be in the way that in real life; you will never feel like experience it. The city of Los Santos is sunk fully and you can experience the same from the airplane view. If you take a boat, you can experience the rough waves. You can take a submarine to view the sunken city and you can find hot dog joints. However, you need to be very careful wherein wet hot dogs are quite dangerous.

2. Meteors NIB Style Mod

meteor mod

It is a ‘said-statement’ that meteors are the major reason for the extinction of dinosaurs. It is either the fact or just a myth; we know that such meteors indeed crush the humanity. You can add ‘Meteors NIB Style Mod’ in GTA 5 to add more fun, frolic, excitement, and thrill. The first meteor will hit a car, then a building, a stray dog wherein you - the player will realize the horror and the dangers of the meteor. There lies the actual reality of the game and how you escape and survive from the constant meteor shower is the challenge part.

3. Ghost Rider Mod

You will become a Ghost Rider yourself and you will become a superhero to burn your enemies. You have to spare the innocents and punish the wicked.

4. Vehannon Mod 2.0

Vehannon refers to the combined word of vehicle and cannon wherein the combination then transfer into a transformer and shoot lasers that give you the superpower to combat against all the obstacles to win yourself. An extremely fun GTA V mod!

5. Blimp Mod

It is otherwise called as Mass Effect 3 Reaper wherein you get apache helicopter to take down the reaper to enjoy more excitement and thrill.

6. Gravity Gun Mod

With this mod, you are given with gravity gun to hold different vehicles in the air and you can even blast them away – BOOM.

7. Iron Man Mod

Herein you get armor of Ironman and you can fly around the city of Los Santos. Just the experience the awesome feeling. Probably one of the most popular GTA V mods in 2017 and 2018.

8. Force Field Mod

It adds more force to the field that you are standing to fight and win with. With this ‘mod’, you can blast everything and anyone who comes in your path.

9. Shark-o-Matic Gun Mod

This mod gives you a super gun that shoots deadly sharks that even blast away the rocket launchers and gravity guns.

10. Carmageddon Mod

It is also known as ‘Mayhem’ wherein something you can see the real Armageddon-esque destruction that the vehicles which you bloom will fly away, drift away, hit trees, buildings etc.