How to Start Your First GTA Online Heist

GTA Online The doomsday Heist

The Doomsday Heist is one among the major 20 updates for Grand Theft Auto Online. Centering with three acts, the story takes part with three separate missions with one large heist mission at the final stage. The three missions are Preparatory Mission, Advanced Set-up Mission, and the Finale Heist Mission.

The story mission requires three players who are to be registered as CEO, VIP and MC President to launch the missions in order to execute the story. The mission is considered as a complicated one with multi-part heist plays.

Qualification to play GTA Online Heist

It is important that your character is over 12 in RP rank, as the player should reach RP 12+ and should own a high-end apartment in order to play the Doomsday Heist. If your rank is below 12 and does not own any sort of high-end apartment, you can still join to play Heist with the help of an invite token sent by another player or get our modding service from us and instantly get RP up to 400. On the other hand, if you want to join a Heist as a crew member with no invites, you have to go the menu – ‘Quick Job’ on your phone.

Do you require An Apartment for Heists?

gta online high end apartmentHeists will be the part of free DLC pack, which is actually confirmed by the Rockstar. In order to own an apartment, you have to be ready to spend at a minimum of 200K initially to get one enough pad with the planning board. When considering the other costly apartments, the added luxury factors might be extra fittings wherein the interior and the garage would remain same. The cheapest one yet is the high-end apartment 7 at ‘Del Perro Heights’ costs $200,000.

How to Start Your First GTA Online Heist

If you own a high-end apartment and reach the level of Rank 12, you fit into the criteria, where Lester will make a phone call and invite you to his Garment Factory. This invite is one of the Heists; hence, you are able to invite fellow players through the friends’ list or the lobby. Once when you complete this Heist, you can have access to other options of inviting other players from your previous job.

Why Minimum 12 RP Rank?

rp rank gta onlineThe reason why RP rank 12 is important for Heist leaders is to hold a decent amount of cash to execute the operations. The leader has the responsibility to spend money in order to buy equipment and hire NPCs who are necessary for the job. However, there is one option as an exception to the above-discussed rule in the first Heist – Fleeca Job, which Lester will cover the expenses later on. With our modding services and modded accounts you can get millions of dollars, high RP rank, bunker unlocks and much more.

Use A Headset with Mic

gta online lester heistsIf you plan to start your first Heist, get ready with your headset. Constant communication is quite important in order to pull off the Heists successfully than that of other GTA 5 missions. A headset is quite required for a quick communication (through voice chat) with one another and manages the time to seek through all the steps in the mission/operation successfully.