How to Become A CEO in GTA 5

How to Become A CEO in GTA 5 Online

how to become a CEO in gta 5

Becoming a CEO in GTA 5 Online is the most powerful power there is. To become a CEO in GTA Online, you need to own an office first.

Offices in GTA Online

There will be four offices totally, wherein you can choose on your own and you have to find it on the Dynasty 8 Executive website (on your phone). The offices are super expensive that ensure you to make super money and the same you can save them too.

gta online office ceo

Prices of the Offices

  1. Maze Bank West - $ 1,000,000
  2. Arcadius Business Center - $ 2,250,000
  3. Lombank West - $ 3,100,000
  4. Maze Bank Tower - $ 4,000,000

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Office Execution

After owning an office, you find customized options to add in more required accessories such as gun locker, safe locker, living quarters, furnishing and much more. Then after, you can hire an Executive Assistant for your tasks that include but not just limited to remaindering on your calendar, picking you up & dropping back, ordering food for you, calling Pegasus et al.

Added to it, you can name your Organization and you can recruit Associates for your organization.

Benefits of becoming a CEO

Appending below is the list that says big about the benefits of becoming a CEO.

  • All the benefits from the positions of VIP & Bodyguard will carry forward to the CEO
  • CEO can buy more properties, save assets like offices, vehicles, and warehouses
  • Added to it, CEO will receive extended benefits such as no cool down period, no bank balance requirement, and can have a permanent uptime to be as a CEO

CEO as well as an Associate

In addition to the CEO position, becoming an Associate is one another added reward wherein there are more chances to make big money. The benefits from the position of an Associate are following:

  • Increased health regeneration cap
  • Loyalty bonuses to wages upon successful completion of Special Cargo Missions
  • Increased RP bonus for CEO proximity
  • Earnings will be there for every consecutive Mission when the CEO completes

Registration to become a CEO

Buying an office in GTA online is the first option. You can find the price variation in the above-discussed paragraphs. The office will come with all necessary business equipment and the CEO has to manage the warehouse too (if he buys one initially). Later more, CEO can own five more to store the special cargo crates.

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