GTA 5 Glitches & Secrets 2018

GTA V glitches and secrets

Finding out cheat codes and secrets in GTA 5 can be a tricky thing. In this guide, we will help you find out the rule-bending tips and tricks that work in GTA 5. They execute effectively for the open world and job segments of the game and makes it a heck of a lot more fun.

Our GTA 5 Glitch List:

North Yankton Glitch Visit

The one single Glitch in GTA 5 and GTA Online allows the players to explore the Snowy City in the Sky. The town of Ludendorff, North Yankton will become easily accessible to the players once they start following the cheat codes. However, to activate the Glitch and to force down the city to spawn, the player has to follow the instructions very carefully.

Passive Mode

In order to survive against the bounty attacks, you can make use of the passive mode. You can switch to the passive mode that allows going more into the business with no fear of your enemies shooting down. When you execute this, a Bounty will be placed on you, however, when people hunt you and shot you down, the bullets will not harm you. Be careful that this action can be taken place when the Bounty is placed initially.


Secret Weapons & Cars

You can find plenty of exotic cars, which are very expensive in GTA online. Those are the cars, which are not easily available in other parts of the world, hence, you can make sure to check them out as and when, when you find them. As it, you can find baseball bats to use one of the weapons in GTA 5.

gta v exotic cars


GTA Glitches under the Stairs

In GTA V, you can find a number of glitches under the stairs with a view to the outside world. Wherein the player can be able to throw grenades and shoot outside with the help of cops.

Cannon Doors

In order to get those glitches – cannon doors, you need to have a sports car first. It is one another weapon to find out the secrets and scratch the codes. Once after equipped yourself perfectly, you have to get into the designated location (provided in the root video) to get into the sliding door of any house.

Make more Friends

Making more friends and network connections help to make more money in GTA V. Added to it, the player can buy more properties and save the assets. Making friends and making more money help yielding high on the jobs, which can be able to repeat quickly and easily.

Bottom line

It is quite common to get bored with the regular and usual game modes in GTA 5. That's why there are cheats and secret codes available online to add more fun, frolic and extra excitement to the game.