FAQ & Information

We have created a frequently asked questions-page to gather all the important information about our Grand Theft Auto V modding services and accounts. Here you'll find the most asked questions we get, however if you still have a question you can contact us and we'll be happy to help you out.

Can You Mod Xbox One or PS4?

NO! Only a money mod is possible, a private method we've found. Any other mods are impossible.

After the account transfer block by Rockstar last year, no one can mod GTA Online on PlayStation 4/Xbox One. The only thing that can be modded is PS4 money, however it's a very slow process compared to PC.

It used to be done by modding a PS3/Xbox 360 account and transferring to the next-gen consoles, but since it's blocked, it's not possible anymore.

NO ONE can mod PS4/Xbox One for GTA Online, it's impossible. BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS! Only a special (private) PS4 money mod method is possible at the moment.

If you by the off chance find pre-modded GTA Online accounts for last-gen consoles from before the account transfer block, they'll cost you around $300-$500 per account. Is it worth it? That's up to you.

How Do I Mod My GTA Online Account?

You can either mod your current Steam/Social Club account with our modding service, or you can get a pre-modded GTA account from our shop. Premade accounts cost more since you also get a copy of Grand Theft Auto V included.

How Does Your Modding Service Work

When you place an order on our website, we'll receive an order form with your information.

If you got our modding service or money drop, we'll log in to your Social Club or Steam account and mod it.

If you purchased a pre-made account we'll mod a Social Club account we have in stock and then send you the login details.

Be warned of the fact that there are a lot of scammers out there. All we offer at gta-v-mods.com are 100% genuine modding services & modded accounts that comes with an already activated copy of GTA V on Social Club.

Why Do You Need Username/Password?

We need to access GTA V from the account we're modding. If you're afraid to give out your steam due to steam items or games, don't worry - You may use FamilyView (Not FamilyShare) to keep use from accessing your credentials, inventory, and games other than GTA V itself.

There's also an option to choose specifically what you want to show us. If you want more info, then you may google what Steam Family View is about. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=5149-EOPC-9918

We're professionals and we know what we're doing.

Refunds & Replacements

We will not offer refunds on any of our modded accounts or services.


  1. There's no reason to want a refund since we haven't had any bans so far.
  2. IF you get banned with our pre-modded accounts, we'll replace it.
  3. IF you get banned when we mod your current account, we'll give you a new pre-made Social Club account for free.

These warranties are available for 5 days from time of purchase.

We will do our utmost to satisfy our customers. If you have any issues with your order, contact us and we'll make it up to you.

Can I get Banned?

There's always a risk for a ban in GTA V. You can even get banned without modding. However with over 300 orders processed and zero bans, our services are the safest ones available in 2018. We have an extremely low ban risk with our modding method.

See "Refunds & Replacements" for more information about replacements IF (yes, IF) you get banned.

Delivery Times

The delivery time for our services is 1-24h depending on what time of the day you order. We all live in different time zones, so we can't always be available.. for now. With that said, we try to complete our orders as fast as possible.

Reaching out to us on Discord or on-site chat after ordering helps us help you faster.